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How To: Outlook Client Configuration for Off-Campus Access
Entered on 05/17/2013 at 12:30:25 EDT (GMT-0400)

How To: Setup Outlook for computers off campus


Instructions on how to setup Outlook on home computers with Windows 7 and Outlook.



1. Click on the Windows / Start button.
2. Open the Control Panel and select User Accounts.
Control Panel

3. Select Mail.

4. In Mail Setup select Show Profiles, then click on Add.

Show Profiles > Add
5. Name the profile whatever you want it to be and click OK.
6. In the Add New Account box, select the Manually configure server settings option on the bottom.

Manually configure server settings
7. Select Microsoft Exchange and click Next.

Microsoft Exchange
8. In the Server field type
9. In the User Name field type your name, last name then first: for example Smith, Bob.

Server, User name
10. Click More Settings in the bottom right corner.
11. Click the Connection tab at the top.
12. Mark the check box to Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP.

Connection tab
13. Click the Exchange Proxy Settings Button.

Enter the information:

First box:

Check mark: Connect using SSL only and Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name... 


Check mark: On fast networks... and On slow networks...

Then click OK.

13b. If at some point a login box pops up, enter your login credentials:

       User name: UTC\netid

       Password : your email password 

14. Click the Check Name button beside the user name field.

15. If your name is now underlined that means the process is complete and you can now click Next and then Finish and finally OK. Every time you open Outlook you should be prompted to login. Use these credentials:

       User name: UTC\netid

       Password : your email password



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