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How To: Setup Student E-mail (MocsMail+) on a Mobile Device
Entered on 01/02/2014 at 10:08:26 EST (GMT-0500)

How To: Setup Student E-mail (MocsMail+) on a Mobile Device


Important! Before following the instructions below, you will need to set your password at This will make sure that your password syncs with MocsMail+. If you need help resetting your password refer to this article: How To: Change your utcID Password. If you have never setup your password, please review this article: How To: Setup your utcID Password (New Users)




Configuring Mobile Access on your iPhone/iPad/iPod

1.  Open your iPhone Settings
2.  Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars
3.  Select Add Account
4.  Select Gmail
5. It will ask you for the following information:

  • NAME: Put in your name
  • ADDRESS: Put in (please make sure to put in YOUR UTC ID)
  • PASSWORD: Put in your password
  • DESCRIPTION: This is an identifier for the account so it can be anything you want (Mocs Mail+, UTC E-mail, etc.)

6. Select Save
7. It should then ask you want you want to sync, make sure that Mail is selected and the other options are up to you. After selecting what to sync, select to finish the setup and your e-mails should show up shortly.
Configuring Mobile Access on your Android

1.  Open your Gmail app
2.  Select the Menu button
3.  Select Accounts, then select Add Account
4. Select Google, then select Next, and then select Sign in
5. For the Username put in (please make sure to put in YOUR UTC ID), then put in your password
6. Select Sign-in, then select which options you want to sync (please make sure that you are syncing Gmail), then select to finish the setup.
Configuring Mobile Access on your Blackberry

1.  Open the Blackberry Setup folder, Select Email Settings
2.  Select Add, then select Gmail
3.  For the Email address put in (please make sure to put in YOUR UTC ID), then put in your password
4.  Then select Next, Blackberry will then send you an e-mail that says your Mocs Mail+ e-mails will come in within 20 minutes.

This service is considered Google Apps, for configuration purposes.

Username is in the format of

Password is set for your MocsMail+ account after setting it in



For more information:

This is the link that ‘configuration instructions’ directs you to.

(Specific info on mail clients & mobile devices)



If you need further assistance please call (423) 425-4000.


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