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Connecting to the eduroam wireless network
Entered on 04/09/2013 at 10:55:21 EDT (GMT-0400)

What is eduroam?

Eduroam is a secure, world-wide WiFi service intended for education and research communities.  Anyone that is part of a participating institution can connect to and use the eduroam wireless network at any other participating institutions anywhere in the world.  For more information see eduroam's website at  At last check of their site there are 97 actively participating institutions in the US and over 5,000 participating institutions in the rest of the world.  There are lists and maps of areas of access there as well to see if a place you are visiting is a participant or not.


Without eduroam you would have to go through the other institution's helpdesk to get a guest account for wireless access, but with eduroam you can just connect.


How do I connect?

If you are not a UTC affiliated person, these instructions will be different.  You're better off contacting your institution's helpdesk for assistance.  UTC users, read on.


Before traveling to another eduroam participating institution, you must have your device set up to connect first.  The connection requires a certificate be installed on your device in order to connect and the only place you can get that is while connected to UTC's network.


There are a few ways to get your device configured for eduroam access, but by far the easiest is to also set up your device to use the UTC-Secure wireless network.  While connected to UTC's network, browse to  There is a link at that page that will direct you to the setup program called "XpressConnect".  This program will ask you for your UTCID and password and automatically set up your device for access to UTC's own secure wireless network as well as eduroam.


After completing the setup program, you can then connect to eduroam anywhere in the world.  Every time you connect to eduroam it is going to ask you for a username and password.  You can have your device remember the credentials, but you will have to enter them the first time.  Eduroam uses a different format for your UTCID than normal.  To login to eduroam, first connect to the eduroam wireless network and then your credentials will be as follows:



Password: normal utcid password


Other information

The eduroam network on UTC's campus is different from our other wireless networks (UTC and UTC-Secure).  Eduroam is bandwidth limited and protocol limited.  This means that internet access will be slower and some programs may not connect.  If you are a UTC affiliated person (student, faculty, staff) you will want to use either the UTC or UTC-Secure wireless networks while on campus and only use eduroam when traveling.

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