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Voicemail Setup
Entered on 04/25/2013 at 11:05:30 EDT (GMT-0400)

Setup Tutorial

Follow these instructions: First dial 1777 and follow the prompts.  Next you will be prompted for the security code which is 0000 on setup.


Numbers to remember

On campus voicemail is 1777.  Off campus is 425-1777.  Mail box number is your four digit extension.  The default security code is 0000.  The # key is for help or access.  The * key is exit.


Activating Voicemail

For voicemail to answer when no answer, lift head set and dial *77 1777

For voicemail to pick up when phone is in use, lift handset and dial *22 1777( this will turn off call waiting feature).

To cancel voicemail, dial #77 or #22 respectively.


Using Voicemail

From your phone, dial 1777, enter security code.

Other campus phones(with voicemail, dial 1777,*,#, mailbox number, security code.

Other campus phone(without voicemail, dial 1777,#, mailbox number, security code.

Off campus, dial 425-1777,#, mailbox number, security code.

Mailbox number is 4 digit extension of your phone number.


Short cuts

After mailbox is accessed

Change message: 3132

Change security code: 314

Setup message reminder: 311

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