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How To: Get Scantron Tests Graded
Entered on 09/23/2013 at 11:12:28 EDT (GMT-0400)

How To: Get Scantron Tests Graded 

  1. The only form that can be used for test grading, in our office, is the blue Scantron Form EM-292016-1. This form can be purchased in the UTC Bookstore.
  2. Each set of tests to be graded must be accompanied by a key sheet.  The key must have all “9s” marked in the “Reference Number” block, on the left side of the form, and be identified with the Instructor’s name and email address in the appropriate area.  The key is the only sheet to be marked with all “9s”.
  3. All tests are graded based on 100%. For example if you have 20 questions, each question would count 5 points. Each key can only have one answer per question, however if an answer is left blank on the key sheet, any response from the student sheets, for that question, will automatically be counted correct.
  4. Please use a #2 pencilNO ink pens.  The scanner cannot read ink.
  5. Students must enter a unique 9-digit number in the “Reference Number” block. ALL nine digits of the number must be marked! Due to security and legal issues, please deter students from using their social security numbers. Please also avoid using the utcID as well, (ie: zeroes for letters and filler and then the numbers of the utcid ), this could result in multiple sheets with identical Reference Numbers (see Item # 6 below). Please remember, that whatever identifier that you choose, ALL blocks have to be marked – even the zeros.  Sheets with the Reference Number not marked correctly will be returned to the instructor ungraded. Our staff will not add any marks whatsoever to the student sheets.
  6. Tests that have 2 or more sheets with the same Reference Number will be returned to the instructor ungraded.  Our staff will not correct any marks whatsoever on the sheets.
  7. We have created a site, in Microsoft SharePoint, that has been specifically set up for you to access your test results.  After your test(s) have been graded, you will be sent an email that points you directly to this site.  Once there, your test file(s) will be listed by date. There is also a tutorial provided that will show you step by step instructions on how to view, edit and/or print the results from your computer.  Test results will be kept at this location for 2 weeks after the semester ends. Please Note: Security on this site will only allow you to see your test results.

Please deliver tests to Hunter 103.


Please fill out the Blue Test Grading Log book located in the Reception area of Computing Services.  After logging the test, please place it in the drop lock box that is located on the counter. Please do not ask to wait for your test to be graded.  Tests brought in before 1:00pm will be graded by 3:00pm that day.  Tests brought in after 1:00pm will be available the next day. Because of time restraints, midterms and end of semester final exams will continue to be done as soon as possible. After grading, the tests will be located in the “Graded Tests” bin for you to pick up, or if indicated in the Log Book, mailed back to you (department), through campus mail.


Remember that you are responsible for picking up the actual test sheets from Computing Services. Tests not picked up in a timely manner will be sent to you in the campus mail.  Please sign out your test in the log book before taking it from the area.


To view a tutorial of the test grading process, please click on the following link:



If you continue to have questions or comments, please contact Ruth Bradford at 425-4731 or Brenda Cummings at 425-4765.  Our goal is to continue to give you the highest level of service possible.

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